Who we are?

We are SB draudimas, a life insurance company that has been providing services since 2000. SB draudimas is part of Šiaulių bankas, the largest Lithuanian capital bank, established 1992. 

Until December 2023, we were known as INVL Life. Invalda INVL, the leading asset management group in the Baltics, has merged part of its retail businesses, including INVL Life’s life insurance business, with Šiaulių Bankas Group as of 1 December 2023. United team continues to provide life insurance services under name of SB draudimas in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

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Who is our customer?

The SB draudimas Estonia branch will service the existing portfolio of contracts taken over from the INVL Life Estonia branch until their liabilities expire. The SB draudimas Estonia branch will not conclude new contracts.

Prior to the name of INVL Life, contracts were concluded on behalf of the following companies: Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited Estonian branch, Mandatum Life Insurance Baltic SE, SE Sampo Life Insurance Baltic, AS Sampo Elukindlustus, AS Sampo Eesti Elukindlustus.

Your policy may have been concluded with one of these companies and is now in SB draudima’s portfolio.

Merger of retail businesses

The Invalda INVL group and the Šiaulių Bankas group have signed a retail service business merger agreement. SB Draudimas took over INVL’s life insurance business in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

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Our goal is to ensure a stable return on investments in the long term.  It means that all the risks are selected taking into account the current market situation and we are quickly reacting to market changes, if necessary.

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Insurance claims

Are you an SB draudimas customer and want to submit insurance claim? Please provide medical and other documents proving the fact of the insured event. Fill in claims application and receive the insurance benefit!

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